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Sterling Silver

Silver is the most popular type of metal used for Jewelry in the World today. Jewelers love it, customers love it, there`s a great abundance of it, and it`s inexpensive! It seems like such a win-win situation, doesn`t it?

But there`s one huge down-fall to Silver. It tarnishes! It turns black. It leaves dark black, blue, purple stains on your fingers, wrists and neck. It even leaves stains on your clothes. Everywhere that Silver touches, Silver leaves its mark. And not in a pretty way! It`s gross and ugly.

I would surmise that there are 3 main reasons why Silver is so sought after. 1) It`s Cheap! (Very Cheap!) 2) It`s very malleable. Jewelers and Artists have no problems molding and shaping Silver into wonderful works of art. 3) It`s White! People have always been attracted to White Metals. Now more than ever. If you go into any Jewelry Store, over half the cases will be full of White Metals like: Silver, Platinum, Titanium, Tungsten, Steel or White Gold. There`s no denying it, White Metals are HOT!

Silver Jewelry has been around forever. But forever doesn`t help the fact that Silver is very soft. Silver is actually too soft to wear as Jewelry. That`s why most of the Silver you find on the market today is called "Sterling Silver". Sterling Silver is more durable than pure Silver because of one main reason. It`s mixed with other alloys. Sterling Silver contains 92.5% Silver, and the other 7.5% is Copper. Copper makes the Silver stronger and more durable so it can be crafted and styled into beautiful Jewelry pieces.

That`s why you`ll normally find a karat stamp inside the Rings or Jewelry that says ".925" That means 92.5% Silver, which is what the Government says Silver needs to be, to be sold in the U.S.A. as "Silver".

No matter what, Pure or mixed, nothing stops Silver from tarnishing. When Silver is exposed to the air and atmosphere, it causes a chemical reaction that creates something called Silver Sulfate. That`s what that lovely little black mark is on your finger. A Sulfate stain.

We DO NOT offer refunds or replacements because your sterling silver medical alert has tarnished.

About Medical IDs

Medical ID Alert jewelry is
important to wear if you or
a loved one has certain medical
conditions, allergies, or requires
special medications. Wearing a
custom Medical ID bracelet or
necklace will alert emergency
personnel when you may be unable
to do so. It can save your life! is here to
help you stay alive with style.

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