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Medical Abbreviations

abdomen/abdominal - Abd
abdominal aortic aneurysm - AAA
above knee amputation - AKA
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome - AIDS
acute myocardial infarction- AMI
adult respiratory distress syndrome - ARDS
Advanced Cardiac Life Support - ACLS
Advanced Life Support- ALS
allergic to - No
ampule - amp
anterior- ant
arteriosclerotic heart disease - ASHD
as soon as possible - ASAP
aspirin - ASA
atrial fibrillation - A-fib
atrioventricular - AV
automated external defibrillator- AED
axillary- ax
basic life suppory-BLS
below knee amputation- BKA
bicarbonate- HCO3
bilateral B- /bil
blood pressure- BP
both ears- AU
both eyes- OU
by mouth- p.o.
cancer- CA
carbon dioxide- CO2
carbon monoxide- CO
cardiac catheterization C-cath
cardiopulmonary resuscitation- CPR
cardiovascular- CV
chest x-ray- CXR
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease- COPD
chronic renal failure- CRF
congestive heart failure- CHF
coronary artery bypass graft- CABG
coronary artery disease- CAD
decubitus ulcer- decub
deep vein thrombosis- DVT
defibrillate / defibrillation - defib
delirium tremens- DTs
Dextrose 5% in water- D5W
Dextrose 50% in water- D50W
dextrose stick- d/s or d/stick
diabetes mellitus- DM
diabetic ketoacidosis- DKA
diagnosis- Dx/diag
discontinue- D/C
do not resuscitate - DNR
electrolytes m - meter lytes
endotracheal - ET
endotracheal tube- ETT
Epinephrine - Epi
epinephrine pen- EpiPen
every- q
every hour- qh
fibromyalgia- FMA-
flexion- flex
foot- ft
forearm- FA
foreign body- FB
four times daily- qid
fracture- Fx
gastroesophageal- GE
gastroesophageal reflux disease- GERD
gastrointestinal- GI
gastrostomy tube- G-tube
genitourinary- GU
gonococcus- GC
gynecology- Gyn
hematocrit- Hct
hemoglobin- Hgb
Hepatitis B Virus- HBV
history- Hx
High Blood Pressure-HBP
Human Immunodeficiency Virus- HIV
hydrogen peroxide- H202
hypertension- HTN
index finger- IF
inferior- inf
Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus- IDDM
intramuscular- IM
intraosseous - IO
intravenous - IV
iron- Fe
irregular- irreg
irrigation- irrig
jejunostomy tube- J-tube
joint- jt
jugular vein distension- JVD
keep vein open- KVO
large - lg
lateral- lat
left- L
left ear- AS
left eye- OS
left lower lobe - LLL
left lower quadrant- LLQ
left upper lobe - LUL
left upper quadrant- LUQ
left ventricle- LV
left ventricular hypertrophy- LVH
lidocaine - lido
liquid- liq
lumbosacral- LS
magnesium - Mg
Magnetic Resonance Imaging- MRI
maximum- Max
medications- meds
methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus- MRSA
microgram - mcg
milligram- mg
mitral valve prolapsed- MVP
moderate - Mod
morphine sulfate - MS
multiple sclerosis- MS
myocardial infarction- MI
nasal cannula- NC
nasogastric - NG
nitroglycerin- NTG
no known allergies- NKA
no known drug allergies- NKDA
non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitis- NIDDM
normal sinus rhythm- NSR
not applicable- NA
nothing by mouth- npo
nursing home- NH organic brain syndrome- OBS
oxygen- O2
paroxismal supraventricular tachycardia- PSVT
paroxysmal atrial tachycardia- PAT
peptic ulcer disease - PUD
percent oxygen saturation- SpO2
posterior - post
premature atrial contraction - PAC
premature ventricular contraction- PVC
pulmonary edema - Pulm Ed
regular- reg
respiration- resp
right R
right ear - AD
right eye- OD
right lower lobe- RLL
right lower quadrant- RLQ
right middle lobe- RML
right upper lobe- RUL
right upper quadrant- RUQ
small- sm
sodium- Na
sodium bicarbonate- NAHCO3
spontaneous - spont.
supraventricular tachycardia SVT
tablet - tab
teaspoon - tsp
temporo mandibilar joint- TMJ
tetracycline- TCN
three times a day - tid
to keep open - TKO
tracheal/tracheostomy - trach
treatment - Tx
tuberculosis-- TB
twice daily bid
ultra-high frequency - UHF
upper gastrointestinal- UGI
upper respiratory infection- URI
urinary tract infection- UTI
ventilator- vent
ventricular fibrillation- V-fib
ventricular tachycardia- VT/V tach
very-high frequency - VHF
water - H20
whenever necessary- prn

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