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  • Are refunds available for engraved items?
    NO, under no circumstances will refunds be given on custom engraved items. If we make a mistake in the engraving, we will redo the order. However, you must 1. Take a photo and send it to us of the engraved item showing mistake, or 2. Return the item to us so we can verify the mistake. 3. Any mistake made in your part of misspellings or typos will not be done at our expense. ASK BEFORE ORDERING
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  • What happens if an item is out of stock?
    If a product you ordered it out of stock, we will send you 1 email asking you how you would like to proceed, if we do not hear from you, we will process the order when it comes back into stock.
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  • What happens if I do not get my item but tracking says delivered?
    Once a package leaves us, we have no control over the delivery time, or if it says your item was delivered. We ship every package with tracking. Therefore if it says it was delivered, you need to take that up with your local post office. We are not responsible to refund or replace an item if it says delivered.
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  • What about Diabetics and Gold Filled Jewelry?
    Gold-filled products are not recommended for diabetics and some medical conditions may cause products to tarnish. Gold Filled products as these items contain a mixture of other metals. Diabetics can have a more acidic sweat than non-diabetics, so the mixed-metal is more likely to cause irritation and cause the product to tarnish, peel or flake. Stainless steel is highly suggested for Diabetics instead of gold filled or gold plated. We highly suggest stainless steel for Diabetic Patients as some diabetic patients have more of an acidic sweat.
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  • Sterling Silver- Does it Tarnish and What type of engraving?
    Silver is the most popular type of metal used for Jewelry in the World today. Jewelers love it, customers love it, there`s a great abundance of it, and it`s inexpensive! It seems like such a win-win situation, doesn`t it? But there`s one huge down-fall to Silver. It tarnishes! It turns black. It leaves dark black, blue, purple stains on your fingers, wrists and neck. It even leaves stains on your clothes. Everywhere that Silver touches, Silver leaves its mark. And not in a pretty way! It`s gross and ugly. I would surmise that there are 3 main reasons why Silver is so sought after. 1) It`s Cheap! (Very Cheap!) 2) It`s very malleable. Jewelers and Artists have no problems molding and shaping Silver into wonderful works of art. 3) It`s White! People have always been attracted to White Metals. Now more than ever. If you go into any Jewelry Store, over half the cases will be full of White Metals like: Silver, Platinum, Titanium, Tungsten, Steel or White Gold. There`s no denying it, White Metals are HOT! Silver Jewelry has been around forever. But forever doesn`t help the fact that Silver is very soft. Silver is actually too soft to wear as Jewelry. That`s why most of the Silver you find on the market today is called "Sterling Silver". Sterling Silver is more durable than pure Silver because of one main reason. It`s mixed with other alloys. Sterling Silver contains 92.5% Silver, and the other 7.5% is Copper. Copper makes the Silver stronger and more durable so it can be crafted and styled into beautiful Jewelry pieces. That`s why you`ll normally find a karat stamp inside the Rings or Jewelry that says ".925" That means 92.5% Silver, which is what the Government says Silver needs to be, to be sold in the U.S.A. as "Silver". No matter what, Pure or mixed, nothing stops Silver from tarnishing. When Silver is exposed to the air and atmosphere, it causes a chemical reaction that creates something called Silver Sulfate. That`s what that lovely little black mark is on your finger. A Sulfate stain. We DO NOT offer refunds or replacements because your sterling silver medical alert has tarnished. Engraving on sterling silver is only done in traditional etched in engraving, meaning the engraving machine will etched away the top layer of the silver. Black laser cannot be done on sterling due to the process of the laser engraving will damage the sterling.
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  • Can I Have DNR on my medical Jewelry?
    Yes, however not all medical jewelry can be engraved with DNR. Please contact us BEFORE ordering and we will direct you with the items that can be engraved with DNR. Do emails will be sent asking if you still want this. Always Always Ask before ordering.
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  • Who should wear Medical Id bracelets and jewelry?
    If you have a medical condition, are taking medications or have any known allergies, then you should wear a medical id bracelet or necklace. You should wear a medical id bracelet if you have one of the following medical conditions - Diabetes Asthma Heart Disease/heart patients Alzheimers Food and or Drug allergies Epliepsy Implant Autism Hearing impaired Special needs These are just a few medical conditions, please always check with your Physician for any questions you may have.
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  • Do you offer medical bracelets for small children?
    Yes, we offer medical id jewelry for babies', toddlers, children, teens and adults. We know how children feel about wearing that clunky old fashioned medical id bracelet so we have designed many styles for both boys and girls so now they can enjoy wearing their medical bracelet! We custom make each one to fit your child's size. Our medical id sports bands are adjustable in size and waterproof!
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  • What types of medical Id tags do you offer?
    We carry many different types and styles of medical id tags and plates. You have the option of different colored medical emblems also. Red emblems Blue emblems Pink emblems Engraved emblems Shoe tags Watch tags Charms Dog tag styles Sterling silver charms/plates Gold filled charms/plates
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  • Can I purchase a Medical Id plate or tag separately?
    Yes, you can purchase any of our medical Id plates, tags, or charms separately.
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  • Is engraving done in lower and upper case letters?
    Engraving is done exactly as you type it in unless otherwise stated in the product description, except for symbols, like hearts, etc.. we do not engrave in any other language but English. Some medical id tags will be engraved in ALL CAPS. So please check prior to submitting! Some tags we will engrave in all capital letters, ask before ordering please.We have the right to change the engraving accordingly to look its best
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  • Do you have a general bracelet size guide chart?
    Yes, we do have a general guide for bracelet sizes, however, this is just a general guide. We know that each child and adult is different, that is why we custom make each one to fit you or your child. For the best fit please see our how to measure guide. Below is a general size chart. Child Size Chart Newborn 4.25" 3- 6 months 4.5" 6-12 months 4.75" 12-24 months 5.0" 2-5 Years 5.5" 6-8 Years 6.0" 8-12 Years 6.5" Adult Size Chart Petite 7.0" Average 7.5" Medium 7.75"-8.0" Large 8.25" X-Large 8.50"-9.0"
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  • What if you make a mistake in my custom engraving?
    If you find a mistake in your custom engraved medical Id plate or tag, please contact us immediately. If error was found to be fault by medical Id store or our engravers, we will replace it at no additional charge, however, we do request that you send us back the original. The medical Id store is not responsible for orders submitted incorrectly. We do keep all hard copies of the custom medical engraving form on file.
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  • What if I loose a charm I ordered or it breaks that I have attached to my own bracelet?
    We are not responsible for replacing a charm or tag that you placed on your own bracelet, or one of ours if it breaks or falls off. Why? because charms dangle and you could have gotten it snagged or hung up on something and broken it.
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  • Do you have a return policy or guarantee?
    Our beaded medical Id bracelet bands are covered by a 30 day warranty. All warranty is voided for abnormal wear and tear. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have concerning our warranty prior to purchasing. We do NOT guarantee beaded medical bracelets that are worn in water or during sports, chewed on, etc.If you loose your tag, we do not replace it. If your beaded medical band breaks please contact us for your RA# and we will replace the beaded band for the exact item, except under the conditions listed above. If, the item you ordered is not in stock, we will replace it with another band of equal value or refund you. If you ordered a medical tag along with it, we will refund you the pro-rated amount for the band. Please contact us if you have any further questions. No item will be accepted without a RA#.
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  • I already have a medical id plate/tag, can I purchase just the medical bracelet band?
    Yes you can purchase just the bracelet/band alone. Please remember to order the size correctly for just the bracelet band. For example if your medical plate/tag measures 1 inch long, and you wear a size 6 inch then the size for your bracelet band will be 5 inches.Once you add your medical plate/tag to the band it will make it a total of 6 inches. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the sizing. If you order the wrong size there will be an additional charge to restring your bracelet band.
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  • What shipping methods are available and what is the shipping time frame?
    We offer a selection of shipping methods which include priority mail, global priority mail for international. You can select your preferred method at checkout. Our standard turn around time is 7-10 business days,2/3 weeks NOT including weekends or holidays. Some items can take longer but usually do not. It is your, the buyers responsibility, to contact us in regards to your order. We will send only 1 email, and emails can get lost in the cyber world, so please be sure to check on your item, especially if you do not receive it within 3 weeks from the initial date of order, unless it was ordered on a weekend or major holiday. Again as the buyer it is your responsibility to keep up with your order and status of your order by contacting us.
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  • I need my medical Id bracelet immediately, why does it take 2-3 weeks to receive it and can I get a RUSH on it.
    We say 2-3 weeks to allow for the custom engraving, it usually doesn't take that long, but we quote that time frame due to the custom engraving for each medical id sports bands, medical id watches and more. Yes you can purchase RUSH engraving for an additional fee. What this means is that the engravers will get it done immediately and shipped back to us within 2 to 4 days. We then will ship it out to you immediately. If you live outside the US, United States, we have no control over customs and how long it will take your package to arrive to you once it leaves our shipping department.
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  • I need a DNR Medical Laert, Can you provide one?
    If you need a medical alert that says DNR please note that some cannot be engraved with black laser, and will be done in traditional engraving. Please ask prior to ordering about the product you want and how the engraving will be. For instance, some will be done in both traditional and black laser, depending on what medical id it is. ASK BEFORE ORDERING
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  • What happens if I take the item I purchased to a jeweler for any work?
    If you do so, we are not liable for the cost you incurred and it will void any warranty if the item has warranty on it.
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  • Photographs of Products
    Please note that photographs of products will look different on each computer or mobile device. Our photographs are edited to take out any dark lightening, etc. Since pictures will look different on each device is why we put in a good description. Again ask if in doubt before ordering.
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  • What is Free Shipping?
    If you use a coupon for free shipping, or if your order is over certain amount we will ship your order FREE FIRST CLASS MAIL ONLY. We will NOT ship priority even if you select priority mail, or even rush engraving with priority. Do NOT use the FREE SHIPPING coupon if you want your order sent priority mail, or need the rush engraving.. IF UNSURE email us at
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  • Can you engrave special characters or different languages?
    It depends on the medical tag you choose. Please ASK before ordering. If you have a special character, hearts, arrows, etc ask first as if it cannot be done we will NOT contact you in regards to it. It will be engraved without if it is a tag that it cannot be done on.
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  • May I cancel an order?
    Only if done within 1 hour of placing the order via email.Most items are custom o once your order is placed it cannot be canceled. We have engravers that work nights and weekends also, so once the order has been placed it cannot be canceled.
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  • Why Does My order say complete?
    When ever you put in your credit card it always says complete, just like when you swipe it at the store! We update when it ships by submitting the shipped information and we update with tracking number
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About Medical IDs

Medical ID Alert jewelry is
important to wear if you or
a loved one has certain medical
conditions, allergies, or requires
special medications. Wearing a
custom Medical ID bracelet or
necklace will alert emergency
personnel when you may be unable
to do so. It can save your life! is here to
help you stay alive with style.

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