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Sunday, July 19 2015

Well the summer is just about over and it is time to start preparing for back to school. we all know what that means for our children with allergies and other medial conditions.

Check to make sure that your childs medical id bracelet, medical id necklace, or medical id sports band is up to date.

If your child needs an epi pen make sure you get a new one for school, daycare, preschool or babysitters house.

For children attendiong school for the first time please make everyone aware at school know if your chilkd has a food allergy, or other medical condition that could put them at risk.

For food allergy, make sure the teacher puts a notice on the outside of the classroom door making others aware that a child in the class has food allergies.

Let us keep our kids protected in everyway that we can, whether they have food allergies, autism, epilepsy and any other medical condition.


Here is a great food allergy emergency care plan you can print out.

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