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Wednesday, December 10 2014

Food allergies during the Holiday Season..

If you have a child with food allergies, Medical ID Store would like to offer a bit of information for you all during this Holiday Season.

If you child is in school, pre K, ect. we all know that schools have parties, which include food, lots of goodies, homemade candies  cookies and more. Please remind your childs school of your childs food allergy, contact the room mom or the one in charge and make sure that person is aware of  your childs food allergy.

Make sure if the foods are store bought that the packaging tells you if the food was made in the same place where lets say peanuts, etc were made.

You should also take a Poster Board and write on it that there is a child/children wiht food allergies on it and lace it on the door.

Please use your voice, be heard, let them hear you when it comes to your childs' safety.

Many of our children suffer from peanut allergies, soy allergy, tree nut allergies, wheat and gluten free. Be sure to shop our allergy alert section to help protect your child.

One of the safest things we can do for our child with food allergies is to be heard, and when in doubt, make your childs own foods for the party and take them in. Our number one concern is our children and their safety,

Merry Christmas

Medical ID Store

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