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About us

Medical ID Store is a family run business located in Virginia. Medical ID Store stands out from most other medical id stores as our number one priority and concern is our customers. We here at Medical ID Store care about you, your health, and your safety concerns.

I have been designing and creating jewelry for many years. When my daughter was diagnosed with Asthma and a few other health problems, I ran out and purchased one of the medical Id bracelets from the local pharmacy. Well, as most little girls would have done, she threw a fit and refused to wear it.

She said it was "just ugly and other children at school would laugh at her for having such an ugly bracelet". She then proceeded to say to me, "Mommy you already make pretty bracelets for me, can't you make me a pretty medical Id bracelet?"

I thought about it for a little while and decided that I could make her a nice beaded medical bracelet that she would be able to interchange with her medical id alert plate.

I called her into my studio and asked her to design a bracelet for her medical plate to attach to, and that's exactly what she did!

She designed our very first beaded medical Id bracelet and from there our venture into creating fun and fashionable medical id bracelets and jewelry came to life!

You can view and purchase the medical bracelet that Alexis designed and created under our girls section!

Her creation is our most popular design and Alexis who was just turning 8 years old gets all profits from the sale of her design, "Girls Princess Tiara Beaded Medical Id Bracelet!"

About Medical IDs

Medical ID Alert jewelry is
important to wear if you or
a loved one has certain medical
conditions, allergies, or requires
special medications. Wearing a
custom Medical ID bracelet or
necklace will alert emergency
personnel when you may be unable
to do so. It can save your life! is here to
help you stay alive with style.

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Medical Id Store
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